Our Practice

We are excited to announce that Lake Country Family Medicine is now Rochester Regional Health Family & Lifestyle Medicine- Canandaigua!

What does this mean?

  • Our practice continues to blend a Primary Care Practice with a focus in Lifestyle Medicine along with a Lifestyle Medicine Consultation Service
  • Lake Country Family Medicine, at 502 South Main Street, is permanently closed
  • We are now located just down the block at 401 South Main Street, Canandaigua
  • Dr. Graff is continuing to provide primary care for the patients she saw at Lake Country Family Medicine. She is not accepting new Primary Care patients but is accepting new Lifestyle Medicine Consultation patients. Please call our office if you would like to schedule a Lifestyle Consultation appointment with Dr. Graff.
  • Katie McMillen, PA-C, joined our office in May 2019 and Jennifer Albrecht, DO joined us in December 2019. They are both accepting new primary care patients. To become a patient with either of them, please review our information and call us to schedule a visit to establish care.
  • In addition to Lifestyle Medicine Consultations, we offer:
      • Lifestyle coaching—Rebecca Kelly, RN and Health & Wellness Coach can work one-on-one with you to help you reach your goals by providing additional support and accountability
      • Food Rx—a 5-part class to help you transition to a (more) Whole Food, Plant-based (WFPB) diet
      • Monthly whole food plant-based support groups
      • The Lift Project—a 10-part video-based class that has been shown to improve mood and wellbeing by 30%
      • Stress reduction workshops to help you create a personal stress-management plan
      • Mindfulness sessions to help you increase resiliency and reduce stress

Keep an eye on the Upcoming Events tab on our website for details about classes and other offerings!


***PLEASE NOTE: We are not an integrative, alternative, or homeopathic medicine practice. Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based specialty and we only use interventions that have been scientifically proven to improve health. We promote healthy lifestyle changes, focusing in particular on adopting (to the extent that you are willing and able) a whole food plant-based diet for disease prevention and reversal. We do not sell supplements in our office and do not promote or encourage the use of supplements other than vitamin B12 and vitamin D except in rare circumstances. Because most supplements have not been adequately evaluated and some have been shown to cause harm, we encourage our patients to discontinue any that do not have scientific evidence to support their use. If you do not wish to do that, our practice may not be the best fit for you.


Practice Evolution

Dr. Graff was running Lake Country Family Medicine, a micro-practice model family medicine practice, when she learned about lifestyle medicine in late 2013. After adopting the lifestyle medicine principles personally and experiencing tremendous health benefits, she began to incorporate lifestyle medicine into her practice of medicine. In 2016, she added a lifestyle medicine consultation service to be able to help patients who already had a primary care physician. She believes that lifestyle medicine is the foundation on which medical care will be constructed in the future and joined the Rochester Regional Health System in 2018 to integrate lifestyle medicine concepts into mainstream medicine. She hopes to create a financially viable primary care model of practice that makes lifestyle medicine services available and affordable to all patients and to help other primary care practices transition to this model as well.

Dr. Graff’s personal health story was featured on Forks Over Knives. You can read it here.