Schedule an appointment

As we integrate our office into the Rochester Regional Health System, we will be moving to a new electronic medical record system. As part of that process, our office is temporarily unable to accommodate online appointment scheduling past 12/21/2018. 


**Please DO NOT use this feature if you are not a current patient. It is for established primary care patients only. We are not accepting new patients for primary care.

Established Primary Care patients:

  • Please click here to schedule an appointment.
  • We do not offer services for Worker’s Compensation visits. If you have a work-related injury, please call HealthWorks at (585) 924-1550.
  • Most visits should be scheduled as one thirty minute time block.
  • Gynecological visits must be scheduled separately from and on a different day than routine check-ups and physical examinations.
  • Physical examinations for children (well child checks) only need to be half an hour in length (one thirty minute time block).
    • If you are scheduling your child’s physical for less than one year from the previous physical, please check with your insurance company prior to scheduling to ensure that they will cover the visit.
  • Adult physical examinations should be scheduled as two back-to-back thirty minute time blocks to allow for a full one-hour appointment.
    • Many insurance companies will cover one physical exam per year. If you are unsure when your last physical was, please contact the office prior to scheduling. Some insurance companies go by calendar year, and others require a full year between physical exams. Please check with your insurance company regarding their policy.


Established Lifestyle Medicine patients:

  • Please do not use the online scheduling system, as your appointments follow a different schedule than the primary care appointments.