Office Visit Tips

  1. Bring all medications you are taking, including herbs, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications.
  2. Bring your current insurance card with you. It is important that we keep this information up-to-date in your chart for billing purposes, and it also allows us to seamlessly coordinate your care with other providers & specialists.
  3. Know what prescription plan you have. Many plans now have formularies and what is covered (as well as the price) varies greatly. This is especially important for patients with Medicare Part D. There are dozens of plans! If you don’t know which plan you have, ask your pharmacist, who can access this information for you. Also know if you are eligible for 30 or 90 day supplies so that prescriptions can be written as cost effectively for you as possible.
  4. Make a list of concerns, but prioritize, so that your most pressing concerns can be addressed first. At Lake Country Family Medicine, patients are given longer appointments than in a traditional practice, but time is not unlimited. Dr. Graff feels strongly that all patients’ time is to be respected and is committed in her new practice to staying on time except in cases of emergency. Do not be offended if you are asked to return to address additional issues. Dr. Graff wants to be sure all of your concerns are addressed as thoroughly as they should be.