Meal planning and delivery

We understand that it can be difficult to adapt your way of eating. There are several Whole Food Plant-Based meal planning and delivery services to assist with your transition. They’re also great for busy weeks – they do the planning and prep work so you don’t have to!

Food Delivery Services

LeafSide is a new service that offers shelf-stable, completely whole food plant-based meals that are based on Dr. Michael Greger’s list of the “Daily Dozen” foods to eat for health and longevity. Just add water!

Purple Carrot is a food delivery service that plans the meals & delivers the ingredients and recipe cards right to your front door.

Meal Planning Services

Forks Over Knives Meal Planner

A weekly meal-planning service that includes recipes, a grocery list, and weekend meal-prep directions that allow you to cut down on the time you spend planning and cooking during the week.