Lifestyle Medicine doesn’t fit neatly into the current insurance model for reimbursement. Rochester Regional Health is committed to making lifestyle medicine services available and affordable to patients while we continue to work with insurance companies to determine how most appropriately bill for these services.

If your body mass index (BMI) is over 30 or over 25 with an additional risk factor for heart disease, and your insurance falls under the Affordable Care Act (most commercial plans do but Medicaid and Medicare do not), your insurance company is mandated by law to pay for “intensive lifestyle intervention” services with no copay or deductible. All face-to-face, one-on-one appointments with Dr. Kerry Graff or Rebecca Kelly, RN will be billed to insurance and we will make every attempt to minimize your out of pocket costs.

Group classes and workshops are offered at nominal fee to cover supplies.

Support groups are free.

If you need lifestyle medicine services but can’t afford them, you can apply for financial assistance at:

If you would like to financially support RRH’s efforts to provide lifestyle medicine services in our community, you can make a donation to on-line at:

When donating online, click on Rochester General Hospital, then click on Rochester Regional Health Foundation, and type “lifestyle medicine” into the comment section. Alternatively, you may send a check (please write “lifestyle medicine” on the memo line) to:

Rochester Regional Health Foundations
Riedman Campus
100 Kings Highway South, Suite 2300
Rochester, NY  14617