Because Lifestyle Medicine is a new specialty, insurance companies have not fully figured out how to reimburse for these services. We will do our best to get your insurance company to pay for our services, but it is possible that they will not pay for them at all. To date, we have had success with many Excellus BCBS and Aetna plans. We have not had any denied bills. If your insurance company does not pay for the service, you are responsible for payment in full.

If you have a copay insurance plan, we will collect the specialist copay amount at the time of your visit.

If you have a deductible plan, no payment will be collected up front. You will receive a bill from our billing company once the charges have been reviewed by your insurance company. Your insurance company may or may not apply these charges to your deductible.

To view the list of insurance companies we have current contracts with, please click here. If you have questions about specific plans or those not listed, please contact the insurance company in question to determine whether we are on file as being in their network.

The most appropriate way to bill for Lifestyle Medicine consultations is by time, since the majority of the visit is counseling rather than examination and testing.

Our charges are based on the Excellus BCBS fee schedules, and are as follows:

New patient 60 minute visit: $236

Established patient 25-40 minute visit: $123-$165